Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Face Painting by Laura

As I mentioned on my previous post. I have been very busy with my Face Painting business which I am very Thankful for. This business was mainly for my daughter's purpose.
My daughter Alexa will be turn 12 years old this April 28.
She loves everything about Art just like her momma.
I started Face Painting because she encouraged me to take a shot at it.
We succeded, she started going with me to my Face Painting Gigs and enjoyed every moment of it.
I bought her temporary tattoos so that she can apply it to the kiddos while they waited for their turn.
Then we found out about Glitter Tattos and she officially became Alexa The Glitter Fairy.
She now says that this is how we spend quality time together.
I'm glad she can stay busy and look forward to our Saturdays together, and well it beats her being on the cell phone playing games. We've had so much fun doing this which it is the purpose of it.
I want to enjoy every minute I can with her as she will soon go thru the Teenage Phase and may soon start to ignore me and build a world of her own which is so sad to think of but I guess it its the facts of life.
Here are some pictures of my work and Alexa's Glitter Tattoos.
Hope you guys liked them.



Thanks for Stopping by!

Sorry for being MIA

I know I have been MIA for quite sometime, the reason why?
With work, my girls and my Face Painting Business going well it has just taken most of my time.
I am back now and will be posting regularly.
Hope you all had a Great Easter!