Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mary Kay Setting Spray

Set your look for lasting beauty!
When makeup meltdown is not an option, give it the staying power to last up to 16 hours.
Preserves full coverage.
Prevents color loss.
Reduces Shine
 As a final step, helps makeup look freshly applied for hours.
Also works as a refresher any time of the day.
Dries quickly and washes off easily.
For any skin type, even oily.
2 fl. oz.
Price $18.00
So I have been wanting the try the famous Skindinavia finishing spray, heard so many great stuff about it. I also heard that Skindinavia partnered up Urban Decay and made the  All Nighter Setting Spray. Since I wanted to try either one I gave Mary Kay a chance.
It does make my foundation and blush last longer, I didn't feel the need to touch up as much. I applied my makeup at 8 am checked at 9 pm and I still had blush on without touching up. It does say it's also for oily skin, lately I have been experiencing oily skin and I did not feel it to be sticky or oily on my face.  
The only thing that I'm not to crazy about is the price. it is $18 for 2 fl. oz.
I would buy it again but maybe thru Skindinavia to add it on my Freelance Makeup Kit.
Skindinavia is 4 fl. oz for $29, cheaper right?
 This setting spray is a great item to carry with you on Special Events or if you are a Makeup Artist, so that the makeup can last longer on your clients.
Overall I liked the product and I recommend it to you guys to give it a shot.  
Hope this review was helpful.
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