Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mary Kay Brush Cleaner

This fast-drying cleaner eliminates makeup residue from brushes to provide proper hygiene.
Helps to provide stay-true color between applications of different shades and textures.
Helps condition bristles to protect your investment.
Brushes feel new and perform like new after use.
Keeps brushes smelling clean and fresh.
Brushes dry in their original shape.
Price $10.00
It is fast drying I can say, it also leaves a nice smell after your brush is dry.
Cleaning wise it does a descent job in taking off the makeup off your eye brushes daily. 
As for foundation or cream  product used brushes it does not take it off that well in my opinion.
Then again I usually shampoo my foundation and cream brushes once a week.
This brush cleaner reminds me of the elf and Sephora brush cleaner scent wise.
Cleaning power I think I like Sephora's just a bit more.
Between elf and Mary Kay I think they are very similar.
As for the price you get 6 FL. oz. for $10.00 not bad I think.
Overall I do like this brush cleaner for a daily use.
Below is a picture of a before and after brush cleaning.
You be the judge and tell me what you think. =)
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