Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kerasys Oriental Premium Shampoo and Conditioner

Kerasys Oriental premium shampoo & conditioner based on the hair science
 of Kerasys and oriental beauty formula helps you discover your hidden beauty and have confidence.

Oriental Care System
- Strengthening hair elasticity for glossiness, camellia seed oil.
- Revitalizing damaged hair tissue
- Dual protein ( Hydrolyzed wheat protein, wool keratin ingredient)
- Intensifying scalp and hair roots

How to Use:
Massage into wet hair, la
ther and rinse thoroughly. 
Repair if necessary. For best results, daily use is recommended.

oriental shampoo

I am absolutely in LOVE with this Hair product. 
This shampoo is supposed to help hair breakage, it makes your hair stronger, 
gives glossiness and at the same time helps repair damaged hair. 
I have tried 3 shampoo's in this line and loved them all. 
They all do work differently.
I have coarse curly hair, I have given up straightening my hair for about a year now. 
I used to dye and bleach my hair for highlights and all that  stuff. 
It came to a point where my hair got to expensive to maintain and not to mention the damaged 
I caused it. My hair did not look nice when I straighten it anymore it look like grass and had no body.
It was horrible. Even when I tried to keep my curls, my curls did not have that bounce anymore my hair was practically dead.  =(
I have been using this line for about 2 years I want to say and I love it. I alternate between the types of this shampoo/conditioner line so that my hair doesn't get used to one.
 I heard that its good to alternate shampoo's.
I just started using this Oriental Premium line and I have to say that I really like it just as the others. 
With this one I have noticed my hair's shine is back and when I style my curls they actually bounce now.
This shampoo made my hair feel soft,  my hair was way less tangled which I struggle with when its wet.
The texture on the shampoo is nice and it foams up alot which for me is a plus since I like my products to foam up. The conditioner's texture is  thicker. It leaves my hair very soft. 
I have left the straightening alone unless it is for a special occasion. 
I pay $18.00 for each. 
I am very happy with this product and will keep using them.
I will be reviewing the rest of the line for this and hope you guys can find the one that suits your hair type. 
I am not an expert in hair I am speaking of my personal use and results.
I am giving my honest opinion on this product.
I hope this review was helpful.
Thanks for stopping by!