Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Milani Baked Bronzer in Soleil

A bronzing powder that features a mélange infusion of colors baked on Italian terracota tiles. Easy to use, sensorial in texture, the nuances of color become extraordinarily luminous, enhancing the purity of the skin. This hi-tech, streak free bronzer, gives you a perfect radiant look.

Glide brush over color and lightly tap off excess powder.
Lightly apply to cheeks, forehead, chin and/or nose and blend well for a sun-kissed look.
To use wet (only for shimmer shades), lightly put water on brush and glide brush over color, then apply to cheeks, forehead, chin and/or nose.

$9.79 at CVS

I really wanted to try this bronzer because it reminded me of my favorite bronzer
Mac's MSF in Comfort.
Mac's Comfort is limited so I cannot get it all the time unless it is repromoted.
I have to say that Milani's Soleil is very similar almost identical except that it's shimmery particles are more noticeble than Mac's Comfort.
 I'm hoping the shimmer is just on the top like other bronzers sometimes have them.
Mac's Comfort is also a bit thicker than Milani's Soleil.
I like  Comfort because it is a little bit more on the matte side in my opinion.
Soleil's Pigmentation is very good and the product is not too powdery.
The texture is very fine and the shimmer is not chunky like other shimmery bronzers.
I have been wearing it and I like the color payoff and staying power.
I'm glad I found this bronzer because it is very compatible to my Mac's Comfort.

Milani's Soleil

Mac MSF in Comfort and Milani's Soleil

Mac's Comfort and Milani's Soleil
(almost identical right?)

I really hope this review was helpful for all of you
Mac's Comfort Lovers.
Thanks for Stopping by!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Maybelline The Mega Plush Mascara

Maybelline's first Gel-Mousse formula contains 40% less waxes for massive yet supple lashes, never stiff, never brittle.
Our patented Flexor Brush gently coats every lash with supple volume.
Ophthalmologist tested. Contact lens safe.
Price $7.79 at CVS

I have to start by saying that Maybelline Mascaras are my favorite.
I love the VOLUM'EXPRESS line
The Falsies is my favorite so far .
I like my lashes to have volume look full and to be noticeable.
So far Maybelline has not failed me.
This mascara is also a good product so far.
It gave me the effect I like in my mascaras.
I like the brush is pretty large and full just like I like the brushes to be.
The bending part on the wand is not like it moves too much it works well,
so this is not a bad thing on the wand.
I did not experience any smudging, running or fealt that my lashes were stuck together after applied.
As far as the gel texture I did not see it or feel it, to me it seemed like a normal mascara.
I got this in the color Blackest Black
I'm glad I purchased this one as well.

So I hope you guys likes this review.
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Monday, May 28, 2012

FOTD-Nars Galapagos

Primer-elf's in Sheer and UDPP in Eden
Base-Avon Mega Impact Eyeliner in Brown Shimmer
Lid and Lowerlashline-Nars Galapagos
Crease-Mac Soft Brown
Highlight-MacVanilla and
Milani's Brow Kit in Medium (Highlight)
Waterline-Avon Mega Impact Eyeliner in Extreme Cobalt
Flase Lashes-Ardell Demi 120
Mascara-Maybelline Mega Plush

Artistry Hydrating Foundation
Concealer-Artistry Essentials in Medium (Very comparable to Mac's Studio Fix)
Powder-Artistry Ideal Dual in
Soleil for Face and Vanilla to set concealer
Contour-Milani Baked Bronzer in Soleil
Blush-Mac Mocha
Highligh-Mac MSF in Soft and Gentle

Lipliner-BH Cosmetics in Blossom
Lipstick-Mac Bombshell

I hope you guys liked this look.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

NOTD-Wet n' Wild Undercover and Beautiful but Dangerous

I said I would star making NOTD Post and this will
make it my first one.

Megalast Nail Polish in Undercover and
Fastdry Nail Polish in Beautiful but Dangerous

So What did you guys think of my NOTD Post?
Should I keep doing them?

Friday, May 25, 2012

Mark Glowdacious Illuminating Powder in Amped Up

Get your glow on, gorgeously! Combines bronzer and highlighter for a shimmery, golden glow.
With a swirl of your brush, the compact’s three shades combine into one
illuminating powder that brightens the skin or enhances a tan.
Wear alone or over foundation, on shoulders or décolletage.
Half-moon brush included. Oil-free and fragrance-free.
0.4 oz. net wt.
Price 13.00
Shade Prettied Up is best for light skin tone.
Shade Shimmied Up is best for medium skin tone.
Shade Amped Up is best for dark skin tone.

I love this bronzer, I got this in the color amped up which is meant to be for darker skin tones.
I use this to contour, as blush I just love the way it looks.
Great bronzer for the summer.
Color pigmentation is good, I love the texture is kind of like a thick powder just a tiny bit creamy feel in my opinion which I like.
 This product is not powdery at all and  I really like it.
The only bummer is that Mark does not have sales like Avon does
so their prices are always the same.
I don't regreat buying this product.


Well I hope you guys liked this review.
I have more product reviews comming.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Avon-Clearskin Professional Oil Free Lotion SPF 15

Clearskin Professional Oil Free Lotion SPF 15
Make sun protection the final step of your Clearskin® Pro Acne Treatment routine. Avon’s advanced formula with exclusive zinc hexapeptide provides broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection.
SPF 15 boosts sun protection and helps prevent future skin discoloration.
2.5 fl. oz.
Helps protect against UVA/UVB rays; not for the prevention or treatment of acne.
Price $16.00

As I mentioned on my previous post. I have been experiencing oilness on my face a little too much
lately, something that I really don't go thru often.
It's been so bad that although I love my foundation and never experienced any problems with it,
it all accumulates on my cheeks. My face looks so shiny it just drives me crazy.
I wear the Artistry Hydrating or the Balancing formula.
Even when I wear the balancing formula which is for combination to oily skin,
it still does not keep my face from getting oily.
I usually use the Artistry Essentials Balancing Moistourizer but my order is
taking too long to arrive. So as always I like to have a cheaper alternative item to most of
my face products just incase something like this happens.
I decided to give this line a try and see if it helps me out.
I really liked this lotion it actually controled my oilness and helped my makeup stay matte.
It's almost as if I'm wearing a primer/moistourizer all in one.
I have been using this lotion for a couple of days now and so far I do like the results.
the oilness that drove me crazy has seemed to be controled for now.
The texture on this lotion is normal not to thick not too thin it is just right.
This product does specify that it is not to prevent or clear acne.
It is said that it is to help protect against UVA/UVB rays.
I got this for $8.00 on a special deal Avon had so I will wait on their next sale to order my backup.

I have been using this lotion after cleansing and before foundation application.
(I have not use my Solutions moistourizer since using this lotion) 
I then apply my Artistry Hydrating Foundation and follow
with my daily makeup routine.
I use my hydrating foundation just because I don't want my skin to become too dry either.  
I am satisfied with this product so far, I would recomend it to anyone that has been experiencing
oilness like I have lately and would definetly be repurchasing this on my next Avon order.

I hope some of you found this post helpful.
As Always

Monday, May 21, 2012

Avon-Clearskin Professional Deep Pore Cleansing Scrub

Clearskin Professional Deep Pore Cleansing Scrub
Product Description
Contains our exclusive Oil Control System.
Exfoliates pores; leaves skin feeling cool, clean and healthier-looking.
 4.2 fl. oz.
Reg. Price $12.00

I decided to give this a try since I have been experiencing some oilness and minimal breakouts
lately, I have combination skin. In the summer or hot weather I tend to get an oily T-Zone and in the winter or cold weather I get extremely dry skin.
This product was on sale so I gave it a try and ordered. 
I am not too happy with this scrub.
First of all the texture on this is very watery. I hate watery scrubs. 
My perfect scrub is the Mac Volcanic Scrub.
Sadly it is not a permanent item. So I am on a hunt.
I have tried this for a couple of days and it gives me that tight dry feeling on my skin. 
I do have to say that a blemish was comming out on Saturday morning under my nose 
and I washed with this and it seems to be gone. 
This scrub also gives that minty fresh feel.
I honestly would not repurchase this scrub just because its too watery for my liking,
but I will be using it when I feel that I am starting to get a blemish.
Overall this is an ok product not horrible either, it is just the texture that does not make it perfect for me.
Although I do prefer the Clearskin Pore Penetrating Invigorating Scrub it is also cheaper and it
will remain on my daily skin care routine.

I hope this review was helpful.
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Friday, May 18, 2012

e.l.f's Face Kabuki Brush

e.l.f. Studio Kabuki Face Brush
This anti-bacterial, synthetic haired Taklon brush is softer and more absorbent and can be used with wet or dry products. Be a professional makeup artist and create a flawless look with this brush! Our handy and easy to use Kabuki Brushes provide a light to full coverage on your face or body to ensure a flawless finish. The compact brush is perfectly sized to allow for precise and controlled application of bronzer, powder, or a highlighter on your skin.
*Vegan Friendly
Price $6.00

I am absolutely in LOVE with this brush. I purchased it 2 months ago and
I just haven't been able to put it down.
The quality of this brush is just amazing
Density-This Brush is very dense and super soft. The bristles/hair on this brush is packed on very well.
I also like this brush because it does not shed at all.
I personally use this brush to set my foundation with powder.
This brush grabs my powder very well.
Application-I swirl the brush in my powder and press onto my face to set my foundation.
This technique helps my foundation last longer and gives me a flawless look.
I would absolutely recommend this brush to my friends.  
I purchased this brush online, but I also seen it at Target.
I will definetly be buying a backup soon.

I hope this review was helpful.
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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Avon ANEW CLINICAL Advanced Retexturizing Peel

Winner of the Allure Magazine Best of Beauty Award for Best Peel!
The at-home answer to chemical peels.
Now, in 1 easy step! See results superior to a professional 35% glycolic peel.* At home. No appointment necessary. The advanced exfoliator safely retexturizes and resurfaces skin.
Formulated with soothing botanicals, it helps nourish and calm skin.
Peels away dullness and visible age damage so healthier skin cells can surface.
30 unscented pads.
*In 6 of 8 attributes tested over a 7-week period.
"Advanced Retexturizing Peel is considered a miracle worker around the office - just a few quick swipes with a pad all over your face and it's like you got a professional peel!"
Price $25.00

My Avon Lady recently gave this to me as a Gift.
I mentioned to her that I have been getting a few brown spots on my cheeks and she reccomended
these pads. I used them at night the first time and in the morning I noticed that many of my spots
had cleared quite a bit, and this was only on the first use and in my experience.
I was very surprised how great this product worked.
I use this product at night at least once a week.
It does give me a slight tingling sensation and it stings a bit but when
I apply my moistourizer right after I'm totally fine.
As for the price they are $25 but like I've mentioned before Avon
usually has sales and you may be able to get these cheaper.
Overall I really liked this product and I will keep using it.

Hope you guys liked this post!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Avon's-Most Recent Morning and Night Skincare Routine

I recently ran out of my Artistry Skin care items.
When this happens I always turn to my Avon Items.
So following are the items I have been using for a long time now and
always seem to return to them when I run aout of any other product I may be
using. I am very satisfied with every single product I will list below.

ANEW Rejuvenate Cleanser
I use this cleanser in the mornings to wash my face.
This product says to deep clean and tone.
Visibly reduces signs of aging. Innovative 2-in-1 gel formula deep-cleans and tones,
as it rejuvenates fatigued-looking skin. Formulated with a fusion of pioneering technologies
 Exfo-Smoothing Complex, MiniExtraction Technology and RevitaFresh Technology
inspired by a professional anti-aging facial.
Instantly, leaves skin looking and feeling clean, toned, and refreshed.
With continued use, improves skin texture and makes pores look tighter.
Visibly reduces lines and other signs of aging to reveal fresh, younger-looking skin.
Oil-free. Dermatologist-tested. Allergy-tested. 4.2 fl. oz.
Price $10.00
This products does not foam up too much but in the mornings I'm not wearing makeup
so its good enough to cleanse and tone my face and prepare it for my daily makeup routine.
I really like this cleanser alot. It makes my face feel very soft. The fact that it already tones
at the same time it shortens your morning skin care routine.

Solutions Total Radiance Day Lotion SPF 15
A light, oil-free lotion that contains a unique light-activated delivery system that releases a cosmetic ingredient as the exposure to light increases. It enhances skin radiance and improves texture, tone and clarity. Leaves skin that looks beautifully healthier and radiant. Helps prevent sunburn.
4 fl. oz.
Price $13.00
I have been using this lotion for a very long time. This lotion is light to my skin, it does mot make
my skin feel greasy at all. I have combination skin and many moistourizers tend to make my
skin feel greasy. I like to use very light lotions or even gel based moistourizers.
I have been using this lotion for a very long time and I haven't tried changing it.
It moistourizes and leaves a healthy glow at the same time.

Total Radiance Day & Night Cleanser
It lifts & removes dirt, oil and debris.
Foaming gel. 5 fl. oz.
Price $8.00
This is my night cleanser this cleanser does remove my makeup very well,
It foams up which is a must on a cleanser for me.
It has a nice soft scent and I really like this product.

 Avon Clearskin Pore Penetrating Scrub
Featuring Pore-Firming Technology.
Formulated with Eucalyptus Extract & Witch Hazel to cleanse and refresh.
Lifts away pore-clogging dirt and excess oil. 2.5 fl. oz.
Price $6.49
To Exfoliate my skin I use this scrub along with my ANEW Rejuvenate Cleanser.
I try to exfoliate my skin at least 3 times a week.
I love the texture of this scrub as it is thick and does not feel to rough on your face but it still has
that feeling of a scrub which is something I really like.
It leaves my skin very fresh and soft.

GABEL'S Double Distilled Witch Hazel Astringent

Gabels witch hazel is a refreshing lotion which helps to gently clean and tone the skin.
My mom gave me this toner since I was a teenager and it has been a part of my skincare ever since.
This toner helps to really clean my face and remove any makeup that can be left after cleansing.
It refreshes my skin and when I get a blemish I clean my face with this and it helps the blemish
 dissappear right away.
I really love this stuff and my mom makes sure I have this all the time.

Total Radiance Night Cream
This replenishing cream, formulated with Ulex Europea Flower Extract,
boosts skin's hydration and enhances its ability to lock in moisture. It also helps revitalize
the look of skin and reveals brighter,
healthier-looking skin.
1.7 fl. oz.
Price $13.00
This is my night cream, I use very little at night since it can moistourize a little too much.
It's a great product for me in the winter since my skin gets very dry.

Total Radiance Eye Gel
This replenishing cream, formulated with Ulex Europea Flower Extract,
boosts skin's hydration and enhances its ability to lock in moisture.
It also helps revitalize the look of skin and reveals brighter, healthier-looking skin.
1.7 fl. oz.
Price $13.00
This eye gel I use it morning and night. I really like how it moistourizes under my eyes.
I recently decided to give this Solutions eye gel a try since it came on a special deal with the rest of the line.
I really liked it and have used it ever since.

For eye creams I've always used Avon 's

ANEW CLINICAL Eye Lift PRO Dual Eye System
I really love this stuff and would not change it.
I've also used the

ANEW REJUVENATE 24 Hour Eye Moisturizer SPF 25
This is another great eye cream

I have used Avon Products for many years already.
I always return to Avon products due to the fact that
they do have great quality products that have worked for me.
There is another great benefit about Avon.
The price I have provided on my post is the regular retail price
for the items, I usually get my products at a sale price, Avon
always has great deals and if you are an Avon lover like myself you'll know when to buy
your products at a good price.
All products mentioned above have been purchased by me.

If you guys would like a more detailed review on any of these items,
let me know and I will make another post for you guys.

I hope this post was helpful to many of you.
As always many Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

11 Q&A TAG

I was tagged by my blogger buddy Betzy from
Betzy's Makeup
go check out her blog for great posts.

Ok so I have to answer 11 questions, tag 11 fellow blogger's and ask them to answer my own
11 crazy questions!

So here are the question from Betzy

1. what inspired you to start blogging?
I was inspired to start blogging when I first saw a link to a blogspot on the
bottom description of a you tube video.
Since I am camera shy blogging became my preference since.

2.what is your favorite part of blogging?
My favorite part of blogging are the reviews,
I always review things before I actually buy them.
so by making review posts I think I help others as well. long have you been blogging for?
I have been blogging since April 2010 you prefer blogs or videos?
I actually like and enjoy both.

5.favorite foundation so far?
My favorite foundation is Artistry Hydrating Foundation. brushes?
I am a sucker for brushes to me a brush has to be soft and dense
no matter what brand it is is.
Some of my favorite brushes are
Real Techniques (For Foundation)
Everyday Minerals (For Foundation)
And Of course all of  MAC brushes.

7.your age?
I am 31 years old

8.current wishlist?
I have really been trying to stay away from buying makeup as I have too much already.
Wait! Can a Girl ever have too much Makeup??
Anyhow if I would keep buying makeup I really want to finish with my mac eyeshadow collection.
So I would buy the eyeshadows Im missing from Mac's Permanent Collection

9.what do you like to do on your spare time?
Of course blogging or watching You Tube Vids.
This is always done on my free time or right before I go to bed. you plan to buy a domain name for your blog?
I actually never thought of this before.. ???

11.favorite blog?
There are soo many blogs I absolutely love.
Of course one of my faves is
Betzy's Makeup

So, Ive complied with my tag, so now
I tag anyone who wishes to do this tag.

and my questions are..

1.What inspired you to start blogging?
2. What kind of posts would you rather read?
3. What do you prefer Nautral or Dramatic Looks?
4. What is your clothing style casual or dressy?
5. What are your favorite brushes?
6. What is your favorite blush color?
7. Can a girl own too much makeup?
8. Which is your favorite mascara?
9. Which is your favorite powder foundation?
10. What makeup brand do you prefer?
11. What would you like to see more in my blog?

So hope you guys would answer these questions..
Thanks for stopping by!
As Always