Friday, November 30, 2012

Face Painting by Laura

Hi Guys!
I know I have been MIA for a while and the reason why is because I have been a bit busy with the new addition to my business.
Face Painting by Laura
I really enjoy the work of Art and to me its really a passion and I just like to keep going and trying new things.
Although I still do LOVE doing Freelancing Glamourous Makeup I've also been doing Face Painting.
I've never done this before, this is just my beginning but will keep going.
So this is the reason why I haven't been posting, but will get back to it in no time.
I will also be posting some of my Face Painting work and are looking forward to all your comments and words of Encouragement =)
Here are some pictures, I hope you like them.
Please note that these are my first paintings I will get better with more practice ;)

If you want more information about Face Painting,
visit my blog

Hope you guys liked my pictures
as Always,

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