Monday, September 24, 2012

Ebay 32 Lip Palette

32 Lip Palette
32 incredible long lasting lip colors, some with shimmer, some are matte.

Show the colors on your lip in different style with the 32 lip color palette.
Perfect for mixing and creating your own colors.
It is in excellent quality and so versatile to use.
Convenient to use, and easy to put on.
Perfect for both Professional Salon or Home use!
Colors: 32
Item size: 22.8 * 15 * 0.8cm
Item weight: 203g
Package size: 23 * 15.5 * 1.5cm
Package weight: 236g

I got this palette a while back on Ebay for my Freelance Kit.
I also got it because I really wanted to know how I fealt about wearing
bold colors on my lips. Since this palette has a wide range of colors I decided to order it.
I search for Blog and Video reviews before I purchase any makeup item, this way I can be more familiar with the product.
I  believe I paid no more than $7 when I purchased this palette.
It has 32 colors a variety of  pinks, corals and reds.
I think the pigmentation is actually very good.
What I liked about this palette is that they are actually lipsticks and not glosses like I thought they would be. There are about 5 glosses the most on this palette.
The colors are very creamy and pigmented as you will see on the pictures below.
I used this palette on my last post and the lipstick lasted along time and I even had to wipe it off more than once. The only thing that I was a bit bummed out when I recently got this palette was that the product has a slight scent on it, and I hate bad scents or taste on my lip products specially if I'm going to use it on clients, any type of bad scent or taste is automatically a no no for me.
The scent did go away and I didn't have a bad taste after all.
Overall I am very happy with this palette and do recommend it to anyone that wants to play with color or for a Starters Makeup Kit.


Here I am using the 4th. Pink color on the 3rd. row.
For a list of products used on this look, please follow the link below.

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