Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Avon SuperExtend Extreme Mascara

Go to great lengths! Gives the look of lash extensions.
Lashes look up to 87% longer.*
Magnetic Fiber Formula - magnetic fibers work like magnets to instantly attract lashes and extend them to extreme new lengths.
Mega Length Brush - flexible lash-hugging bristles combine with precision comb bristles to build extra, extra long lashes.
Won’t clump, smudge or flake.
.247 oz. net wt.
*Top lashes
All AVON mascaras are hypoallergenic and opthalmologist-tested
Price $9.50

I had this mascara in my mu-junk drawer and I'm not sure why.
I like my mascaras to give me volume, fullness, definiton and lenght.
My favorite mascaras are the Maybelline Volum' Express Line.
So I started using this mascara and it gave me fullness, definition and lenght.
It defined and gave volume to my lashes without clumping, smudging or flaking.
Just like it says on its description.
I liked the brush because it actually does define your lashes even my bottom lashes. It it a flexible brush and does not feel harsh on your eyes like I've experienced with other mascaras.
It says to have magnetic fibers. I can actually see the fibers when I am looking at the brush but they do not bother me at all or flake or even have fall out of fibers. I don't even feel anything for that matter.
I did not experience any arritation in my eyes or any type of discomfort.
I also like to use it when I apply false lashes because it also defines them beautifully.
I usually pay about $8 for my Maybelline Mascaras.
On Avon Mascaras there are usually sales which is when I buy them, and can get them at about $4.99
I really like this mascara and would reccomend it if it is what you look for in a mascara as well.

So this is how my lashes look using this mascara

Hope this review was helpful.


  1. They look pretty good! I am currently using a combo of Maybelline stilleto with Loreal voluminous fiber mascara and its working nicely :)

  2. Nice. I have yet to try this one out. I am currently using the Avon Supershock Max and I like it because it makes my lashes super long but at the same time, the formula is a little too wet and clumps a bit. I like it if it wasn't for the mild clumpiness. I might try this one next!