Friday, July 6, 2012

Avon ExtraLasting Pressed Powder SPF 15

SPF 15.* Featherlight, even coverage for 18 hours.
Resists water and sweat.
Stands up to heat and humidity.
Feels featherlight and flexible all day.
Matte finish.
.42 oz. net wt.
Price $11.50

This powder is different in texture than the Ideal Flawless Pressed Powder.
The formula on this one is thicker.
I believe it's aiming to be like the Mac's Studio Fix Powder except is not too close.
It's harder to blend, it gave me a patchy look.
 One of the things I really disliked about this powder is that on the first use I swiped my brush accross it and it left that wet/dry look (I guess from my own face oils) on the top of the powder.
I hate it when that happens to my powders, I feel as they just don't work the same anymore.
 I also tried swatching the powder with my finger
and when I tried to swatch it to the back of my hand, it didn't even transferred.
It stayed on my finger =/
I have to use my scotch tape trick to remove the oils dried up on my powder everytime I use this powder.
In this case I'd much rather stick to my Ideal Pressed Powder
as it works great and better for touch ups.
The color I got on this is Light/Medium but it  is more on the orange side rather than yellow.
I really liked the texture on this powder if only the quality was better this would be a great med coverage powder.
I won't be repurchasing this powder again, not happy with the results.
I have pretty much tried all Avon powders and I think the Ideal Shade Powder is the best in my opinion since I only use it to control the oil.

If this powder worked for you let me know.
Hope this review was helpful.


  1. To Betzy:It must of been just mine then, because it got so dried on top =( and the color was too orangey for me. What color did you get?

  2. Great review Hun, never tried Avon before!

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  3. thanks for this review!!! sounds like this powder is not giving satisfactory performance...

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  4. Im sorry you didn't like it! Great review though

  5. Avon makeup is the best!
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  8. This is the 2nd review that I've read that gave this powder a not so great review. I shall stick to something else :-) Thanks for your kind words on my blog! You are too sweet. Following :-)

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  10. oh i definitely wont be trying this one! thanks for the review <3

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  12. Thanks for the review :) I'm still looking for the perfect powder but now I know not to try this stuff out :P

  13. Thanks for the heads up regarding this powder!

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