Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mark Matte Chance Mattifying Lotion

Pumpkin Seed, a natural mattifier; sugar cane, a source of alpha hydroxy acide;
and silica, an oil absorber, play key roles in this light, oil-free moisturizer.
Price $18.00

I had never tried any skin care from Mark but I have been in the hunt for a good oil-free moistourizer
since I have combination skin and tend to get oily in the Summer.
I decided to order it and give it a try.
I have to start with the scent, it smelled too much like alcohol the first time I
pumped it, but it seems as it was just the first pumps.
The scent  after to me is like sugar/vanilla. Very nice in my opinion.
Packaging-It is bigger than what it looks like on the brochure and online. I like the packaging. 
It has a pumplike tray on top that you push down to get the product.
One pump is enough for the whole face.
When I first smelled the alcohol I though my face would get extremely dry and was afraid to use it, but I gave it a try anyway and I actually liked it. It did not dry my skin and it actually left it feeling soft.
The moistourizer absorbs in the skin right away.
This moistourizer actually controled the oil throughout the day. I did not get shiny at all.
The only bad thing about this is that it has NO SPF..
When it comes to my skincare I need to have SPF somewhere in my products.
My foundation has 20 SPF so I guess I can make it up there.
If this product had SPF it would of been a great product for me in the summer.
The price never goes down with Mark products which is a bummer because they are a bit pricy.
It is $18.00 the size of the container is pretty big, but it is hard to see when your running out or how much product it actually has, not very practical in my opinion.
The pump is good as far as how much product you dispence in one pump, but again hard to see when you need to purchase another jar.
Overall this is a good moistourizer if you spent most of the time indoors and as far as controling oily skin
it has done it for me so I guess it is good enough for now until I find the perfect oil-free moistourizer.

For Reference
I think I liked the Avon Clearskin Professional Oil Free Lotion
better than this one, and it has SPF 15.
I liked it better because it made may makeup look flawless so it semmed to work as as primer and moistourizer as well.
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