Monday, June 4, 2012

Mark Bronze Pro Bronzing Powder

Achieve a healthy glow no matter what the weather.
This oil absorbing powder delivers a natural-looking bronze veil of color.
Brush applicator included.
0.41 oz. net wt.
Price $12.50

I got this bronzer in the color Bronze it does not have a red undertone which many people dislike.
I use this bronzer for contouring, it does the job.
Except it looks as if I have dark stains on my face, maybe I need a lighter shade?
I do tend to get bronzers with a little red on them maybe that's why this one does not
convince me all the way, but if you don't like red in your bronzer this may be a good one.
Pigmentation-Is good enough to do my contour it is not shimmery is more on the matte side.
Lasting Power-It does last most of my day without the need to retouch.
Brush-This brush in particular is very stiff and to harsh on my face.
I don't usually use brushes that come with products because most of them are not
very great. I always tend to use my own brushes.
Packaging-The packaging is nice Dk. Brown w/ pink writing.
Not too bulky.
 This bronzer is not chalky or powdery it is just right, the only thing is that Mark products tend
to get a bit of that dry-wet  look on the product here and there, at least most of the powders and some blushes I own give me that effect, not too much but its there..I have learned to fix that  problem though, by putting a pc. of scotch tape over the affected area and lift it carefully, this causes to lift that wet part off and the product gets fixed.
Just a tip for you all!
Overall I guess I could say it is a good product as far as pigmentation and lasting power, but Im iffy on the color for my skintone only, it may be great on darker skintones though.


Hope you guys liked this post!


  1. It does look like something i would try but i love my bronzers to have shimmer in them

  2. Grat rview!
    This would be perfect for summer =)

  3. I have this color! but I depotted it and use it religiously as my crease/transition color! im looking for a mac eyeshadow that is really similar transition/crease color because this is perfect... any recommendations for any mac shadows..i was thinking soft brown?? can you please tell me which ones r simliar! :)

  4. Thank You all for your support, I love to read your comments..

  5. To Carissa;
    The following is a list of my favorite transiton colors from Mac, Kid, Cork, Soft Brown, Texture, Hope this helps. BTW Thanks for the tip in how I can use my Mark Bronzer, I will definetly give it a try as a crease color as well.