Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Maybelline The Mega Plush Mascara

Maybelline's first Gel-Mousse formula contains 40% less waxes for massive yet supple lashes, never stiff, never brittle.
Our patented Flexor Brush gently coats every lash with supple volume.
Ophthalmologist tested. Contact lens safe.
Price $7.79 at CVS

I have to start by saying that Maybelline Mascaras are my favorite.
I love the VOLUM'EXPRESS line
The Falsies is my favorite so far .
I like my lashes to have volume look full and to be noticeable.
So far Maybelline has not failed me.
This mascara is also a good product so far.
It gave me the effect I like in my mascaras.
I like the brush is pretty large and full just like I like the brushes to be.
The bending part on the wand is not like it moves too much it works well,
so this is not a bad thing on the wand.
I did not experience any smudging, running or fealt that my lashes were stuck together after applied.
As far as the gel texture I did not see it or feel it, to me it seemed like a normal mascara.
I got this in the color Blackest Black
I'm glad I purchased this one as well.

So I hope you guys likes this review.
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  1. I am also a firm lover of maybelline mascaras. I want to try it out badly

  2. I too LOVE Maybelline Mascaras Im almost done with the falsies one so I need to get this one.
    Thank you for the great review =)