Thursday, May 3, 2012

11 Q&A TAG

I was tagged by my blogger buddy Betzy from
Betzy's Makeup
go check out her blog for great posts.

Ok so I have to answer 11 questions, tag 11 fellow blogger's and ask them to answer my own
11 crazy questions!

So here are the question from Betzy

1. what inspired you to start blogging?
I was inspired to start blogging when I first saw a link to a blogspot on the
bottom description of a you tube video.
Since I am camera shy blogging became my preference since.

2.what is your favorite part of blogging?
My favorite part of blogging are the reviews,
I always review things before I actually buy them.
so by making review posts I think I help others as well. long have you been blogging for?
I have been blogging since April 2010 you prefer blogs or videos?
I actually like and enjoy both.

5.favorite foundation so far?
My favorite foundation is Artistry Hydrating Foundation. brushes?
I am a sucker for brushes to me a brush has to be soft and dense
no matter what brand it is is.
Some of my favorite brushes are
Real Techniques (For Foundation)
Everyday Minerals (For Foundation)
And Of course all of  MAC brushes.

7.your age?
I am 31 years old

8.current wishlist?
I have really been trying to stay away from buying makeup as I have too much already.
Wait! Can a Girl ever have too much Makeup??
Anyhow if I would keep buying makeup I really want to finish with my mac eyeshadow collection.
So I would buy the eyeshadows Im missing from Mac's Permanent Collection

9.what do you like to do on your spare time?
Of course blogging or watching You Tube Vids.
This is always done on my free time or right before I go to bed. you plan to buy a domain name for your blog?
I actually never thought of this before.. ???

11.favorite blog?
There are soo many blogs I absolutely love.
Of course one of my faves is
Betzy's Makeup

So, Ive complied with my tag, so now
I tag anyone who wishes to do this tag.

and my questions are..

1.What inspired you to start blogging?
2. What kind of posts would you rather read?
3. What do you prefer Nautral or Dramatic Looks?
4. What is your clothing style casual or dressy?
5. What are your favorite brushes?
6. What is your favorite blush color?
7. Can a girl own too much makeup?
8. Which is your favorite mascara?
9. Which is your favorite powder foundation?
10. What makeup brand do you prefer?
11. What would you like to see more in my blog?

So hope you guys would answer these questions..
Thanks for stopping by!
As Always

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