Friday, April 20, 2012

Real Techniques Brushes

Another Brush Post!
As many of you may already know, I am a sucker for brushes.
I have been tempted to purchasing these Real Techniques Brushes as 
so many Beauty Gurus on You Tube rave about these brushes, I just had
to try them out and gave in to the temptation. 
First of all they are not too expensive the price is reasonable and it is why I decided to get them.

So here they are
Travel Essentials and Core Collection

Travel Essentials on the left has
Foundation Brush
Domed Shadow Brush
Multi Task Brush

 Core Collection on the right has
Contour Brush
Pointed Foundation Brush
Detail Brush
Buffing Brush

The case it comes with can also
be used as a brush display .

I got these thru
for $17.99 each.
with Free qualified Standard Shipping
Delivery took 4 business days to arrive.

Density-They are not as dense as I thought they would be, but dense enough to get the job done and enough to keep me happy.
Softness-This brushes are very soft and feel great when applying product on your face.
Quality-This brushes are very good in quality they are very light and very nice looking as well, and
the reasonable price just makes them even better.
Application-I loved the application all the brushes provided.
They made my makeup look flawless.
Shedding-There was no shedding on any of the brushes at all.
Overall-I mainly got these brushes for face makeup application
and I'm glad I purchased them. I would definetly
recommend these to a friend.

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  1. I absolutely love rt & i have 2 sets & need 1 more to complete them