Thursday, December 29, 2011

RePost on Walmart HD Brushes

I posted about these brushes last June 2010.
I have to say that these brushes are still my Ultimate favorite on my Daily Makeup Routine.
I wanted to give you guys a more detailed information on how I use these brushes.
As mentioned these brushes I purchased them at Walmart.
The price is very cheap but the quality is great.
They have lasted a long time already and I wash them often.
Their shape is still the same and these brushes have never shed. 
I will review them in the order they are in the picture.

HD Angled Brush
This brush I use it to apply mostly my foundations, this is one of those multitasking brushes though.
It can be used for so many purposes.
Liquid Foundation: This brush applies my liquid foundation very nicely, it give me a flawless application as it is blending and applying product at the same time.
Foundation Powder: When I want a full coverage, this brush does the job since I dab the brush into the product and pat onto my face.  
Cream Blush: This brush applies cream blush or cream contour products nicely as well. 
Touch ups: I also use this brush to touch up and apply my blotting powder.
Overall this is a great inexpensive brush and I highly recommend it to all of you. 
It is very dense and the softness is amazing. 

The Ultimate Face Set
In this set there are the following brushes
Angled Brush:Same description as above
Foundation Brush: This brush I use it to apply cream and liquid foundation.
It is very dense and applies product nicely.
Large Concealer Brush: This brush I LOVE so much. I use it to set my concealer with powder.
It it the perfect size to apply your highlight and to set concealer.
This brush is dense, soft and what I love about it is that is not too firm as most concealer brushes are.
This brush is just a bit fluffy wich is great for the purpose I use it for.
 I am so used to this brush I don't think I could be without it.
Medium Concealer Brush: This brush I use it to apply cream concealers.

HD Deluxe Eye Duo Set
Brush 1: The larger side I use it to set my concealer or remove eyeshadow fallout.
The concealer brush side I use it to apply concealer or eye primer.

Brush 2: I use the blending side to apply my concealer, eye primer and blending
I mainly use it for concealer as it applies it very nice.
I use the pencil side of this brush to apply very detailed concealer.

Brush 3: This one is a brow spoolie to groom my brows and
the other side I use it to apply color on my brows.

HD Powder Brush

This brush I mainly use it to blend my liquid foundation and to set it with loose powder.
It does an amazing job and creates a flawless look.

Did I mentioned that all these brushes are very dense and extremely soft.
when I do Freelancing my clients love the way these brushes
 feel and most of them cannot believe the price.
Also these brushes have been keeping me from buying the Sigmax Brushes,
since I use most of them to apply my face products.
And well the price beats it all.

I hope this more detailed post was helpful to alot of you.
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Lucky you, I can never find these when I go to my local Walmart. Ive been wanting to try these for the longest time!

  2. My Walmart finally got these! I want to get the angled brush it sounds awesome!

  3. I just realized I had these brushes and they are my favorite brushes pretty much but went into 2 new walmarts that opened by me and they had all of them so I bought what I didnt have and some for gifts they are so good glad to see your post HUGZ

  4. What's the name of the brush brand?

  5. To Anonymous-I don't think they have a name and you can pnly find them at Walmart just look for the packaging like on the picture above. They are all great brushes to have.