Monday, December 5, 2011

Ebay 10 Blush Palette

I did some online shopping and this is one of the items I got from Ebay.
10 Blush Palette
I was hoping this was an all matte palette but not quite what I had in mind, but not bad either.
It is super pigmented a bit powdery though but no big deal.
The colors on this palette seem to suit all skintones.
Lasting Power is good
These are more like satin finished blushes.
I already own the blush palette that came with the Coastal Scents 42 Stackable Palette
and I was afraid it would be the same palette but its not.
They are different in colors and textures.
The blushes from the stackable palette are more dry in finish  and more shimmery.
Overall this is a good palette to start with.
I got this palette for $10.89 on Ebay




Hope you guys liked this review!

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  1. i've been interested in this palette for some time
    i have two coastal scents that i love