Thursday, December 29, 2011

RePost on Walmart HD Brushes

I posted about these brushes last June 2010.
I have to say that these brushes are still my Ultimate favorite on my Daily Makeup Routine.
I wanted to give you guys a more detailed information on how I use these brushes.
As mentioned these brushes I purchased them at Walmart.
The price is very cheap but the quality is great.
They have lasted a long time already and I wash them often.
Their shape is still the same and these brushes have never shed. 
I will review them in the order they are in the picture.

HD Angled Brush
This brush I use it to apply mostly my foundations, this is one of those multitasking brushes though.
It can be used for so many purposes.
Liquid Foundation: This brush applies my liquid foundation very nicely, it give me a flawless application as it is blending and applying product at the same time.
Foundation Powder: When I want a full coverage, this brush does the job since I dab the brush into the product and pat onto my face.  
Cream Blush: This brush applies cream blush or cream contour products nicely as well. 
Touch ups: I also use this brush to touch up and apply my blotting powder.
Overall this is a great inexpensive brush and I highly recommend it to all of you. 
It is very dense and the softness is amazing. 

The Ultimate Face Set
In this set there are the following brushes
Angled Brush:Same description as above
Foundation Brush: This brush I use it to apply cream and liquid foundation.
It is very dense and applies product nicely.
Large Concealer Brush: This brush I LOVE so much. I use it to set my concealer with powder.
It it the perfect size to apply your highlight and to set concealer.
This brush is dense, soft and what I love about it is that is not too firm as most concealer brushes are.
This brush is just a bit fluffy wich is great for the purpose I use it for.
 I am so used to this brush I don't think I could be without it.
Medium Concealer Brush: This brush I use it to apply cream concealers.

HD Deluxe Eye Duo Set
Brush 1: The larger side I use it to set my concealer or remove eyeshadow fallout.
The concealer brush side I use it to apply concealer or eye primer.

Brush 2: I use the blending side to apply my concealer, eye primer and blending
I mainly use it for concealer as it applies it very nice.
I use the pencil side of this brush to apply very detailed concealer.

Brush 3: This one is a brow spoolie to groom my brows and
the other side I use it to apply color on my brows.

HD Powder Brush

This brush I mainly use it to blend my liquid foundation and to set it with loose powder.
It does an amazing job and creates a flawless look.

Did I mentioned that all these brushes are very dense and extremely soft.
when I do Freelancing my clients love the way these brushes
 feel and most of them cannot believe the price.
Also these brushes have been keeping me from buying the Sigmax Brushes,
since I use most of them to apply my face products.
And well the price beats it all.

I hope this more detailed post was helpful to alot of you.
Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Ebay 10 Blush Palette

I did some online shopping and this is one of the items I got from Ebay.
10 Blush Palette
I was hoping this was an all matte palette but not quite what I had in mind, but not bad either.
It is super pigmented a bit powdery though but no big deal.
The colors on this palette seem to suit all skintones.
Lasting Power is good
These are more like satin finished blushes.
I already own the blush palette that came with the Coastal Scents 42 Stackable Palette
and I was afraid it would be the same palette but its not.
They are different in colors and textures.
The blushes from the stackable palette are more dry in finish  and more shimmery.
Overall this is a good palette to start with.
I got this palette for $10.89 on Ebay




Hope you guys liked this review!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

FOTD-28 Neutral Palette & Too Faced Naked Eye Palette

Hi Dolls!
I recently purchased some new items and I have used them on this FOTD.
I will put a star mark on the new items.
If you would like a review on any of the items, please comment below.
Hope you guys like it.

Primer-UDPP in Eden
Lid-TF Unmentionables
Crease-28P Soft Light Purple
Outer V 1-TF Stilleto (Light Hand on this color)
Outer V and Lowerlash-28P Burgundy Brown(Similar to Mac's Sketch)
Highlight-TF In the Buff
Inner Corners-TF Lap Dance
Waterline-Avon Mega Impact Liner in Black Flash
Eyeliner-Elf's Waterproof Eyeliner Pen*
Mascara-Avon Smooth Minerals in Black
False Lashes-Select Lash #S747M*

Primer-Avon Anew Skin Transforming Primer
Foundation-Artistry Hydrating in Soleil
Powder Foundation-Artistry Ideal Dual in Soleil
Concealer-Cover Girl Simply Ageless in Light*
and Artistry Ideal Dual Powder in Vanilla
Contour-Artistry Concealer in Dark*
and Mac Blush in Garb (LE)
Blush-Mac Well Dressed*

Prestige Lip Liner in Natural
Mark Lipclick in Toasty
Frosty Light Peach-Pink from the 32 Lip Palette*

I hope you guys like this look like I mentioned the products that have the * at the end are those that I just purchased. Again if you would ike a review for any of them, please leave a comment.
Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, December 2, 2011


Hi Dolls!
So as I've might of mentioned before, I am building my Makeup Kit Little by Little for Freelancing.
You guys might of already seen my Traincase review if not you can follow the link below.

So little by little I will be showing you how I am building my Kit.
If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment.
I love to hear what you guys think.
I also wanted to mention that before I actually buy something I actually go and check out reviews, some of your blogs and even You Tube.
Based on those reviews I decide wether to give it a try or not.
So to all of those who take their time to actually review a product in any possible way, I just wanted to say
Thank You very Much! those reviews have been very helpful to me and I'm sure to many others as well.
So here is one of my reviews and I hope it helps some of you the way other reviews have helped me.
I purchased this Palette on Camera Ready Cosmetics
Graftobian 12-Color Dual Finish Foundation Powder Palette
12 Dual Finish Graftobian Color Dual Finish Powders into one palette.
This palette has the lightest color to the darkest color and 10 colors in between.
This covers everyone.
Great for both men and women.
Use alone or over foundation.
 It evens skin tone with just a dusting of powder.
A slim light weight durable easy open/close palette.
Refills of individual rounds are available.
The palette is magnetic with holes at the bottom for easy removal and additions,
and the palette is very easy to wipe clean.
Colors included
Porcelain Doll, Soft Ivory, Butter Cream, Honey Glow, Golden Tan, Cleopatra,
 Cafe Au Lait, Hot Chocolate, Cocoa, Silk Beige, Honey Dew, Satin Sand
Price $117.00 plus tax

Pigmentation is good
Texture is silky and buttery like the Mac Studio Fix.
Coverage is good if you are setting with this powder, alone its not that great in coverage.
I haven't used it wet so I can't comment on that function.
I also like that it did not feel cakey.
Lasting Power, I used it over my cream foundation and it lasted a good amount of time without touching up.
The Size if the product I have to say I was a bit surprised since I thought they would be a bit bigger.
These are the size of the blushes on on the 10 palette.
Which its not a big deal for me.
Packaging,  a black long sleek palette very professional looking.
The powders can be refilled as they sell them separately.
Overall I think this is a good palette to have on your kit.
It has a great range of colors for almost all skin tones.
This palette is also great for contouring and highlighting,
an all in 1 palette for professional or personal use.  


I printed this label off Camera Ready Cosmetics Website and taped it to my palette to
know the colors on the palette since the colors are only shown on the botton of the actual powder.
I liked Camera Ready Cosmetics Service I ordered my palette on Nov 25, 2011
and received it on Nov 30, 2011 pretty fast I think.
I already have other palettes on my wishlist from this site.

Here is a picture wearing Buttercream from this palette on top of my
Artistry Essentials Concealer in Medium.
I also contoured with the color Cocoa from this palette.
I got a lot of great comments of how my face looked so flawless that I just wanted to share it with you guys. I am loving this powder and will buy the full size for myself.
For Reference I am an NC37 in Mac and the Color Buttercream in Graftobian Dual Finish Foundation Powder matched well on me.

I really hope this review was helpful!