Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I know I had asked for your help to help me decide what traincase I should get, but I was beaten to it =D
I guess my hubby knows me and picked what he tought I would like best, and well he nailed it.
I'm absolutely in LOVE with my new toy =D and can't Thank him enough.
So this is what I got

And here is my review
I was tired of carrying 3 cases every time I went to go do makeover.
Now I will only carry this traincase.
It has enough space to carry all you need to do a makeover.
It looks very Professional.
It comes with keys incase you want to keep it locked.
A strap to carry the top traincase incase you want to just take one
or separate them and make 2 traincases out of it.
Adjustable separators to divide your top traincase in what ever size you want.
It also has an additional compartment that goes on the bottom part of the traincase.
More Pictures



Overall this is a great Traincase and I really reccomend it to everyone.
Hope this Review was helpful!

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