Monday, October 17, 2011

mark. Lipclick Lipstick and Lipshine

mark Lipclick Full Color Lipstick $10.00
Product Description
Full even coverage with lightweight feel and luminous shine.
Leaves lips soft, smooth and supple.
Vitamin E helps protect against environmental pollutants.
Does not bleed or transfer to theeth.
Cool Minty Flavor
Case is the signature color brown and pink it is magnetic, very nice, compact and cute.

mark Lipclick Color Shine $10.00 
With sun protection built in, this moisturizing formula delivers shine and sheer color encased in our trademark magnetic tube that "clicks" closed every time.
With vitamins A, C and E. 0.106 oz. net wt.

Packaging for both Lipsticks and Lipshines
A very compact lipstick with magnets around the top
 that clicks shut everytime.
Dark Chocolate brown tube with pink writting.
Inside barrel is pink.
I love the packaging and Im just happy with these lip products.

My Opinion for the Lipstick:
 I do agree with the full even coverage.
I like that its not sticky or slippery, color is more satiny than shiny which I like alot.
 It does keep lips moistourized.
Lasting power is good actually stayed on longer than other lipsticks.
Scent is minty but it doesn't have that nasty tingly feeling.

My Opinion for the Lipclick Color Shine
This is a very sheer and shiny product. It also moistourizes my lips
leaving them super soft.
This one has SPF 15 so that makes this product even better.
I use these on a daily basis and reccomend these to be tried.
It may be a bit pricey for just a lipshine and I did gave it alot of thought wether to purchase or not.
I am glad I purchased them as I really liked them alot
I guess this would be a personal choice to make as there are more cheaper lipshines out there.

Overall I have been pretty bummed out with some Mark Products as I have purchased quite a few items this year and not too many were of my liking.
There are a few items that I really do like though and these lip product are part of my faves.


New Packaging

New Packaging and Old Packaging
Old Packaging is made of plastic and the
new one is a better quality product.

Bare Hug,  Sweetie Pie, Baby Luv, Coral Fixation

Toasty, Malt, Ruffle, Whiney

Crush Amourette

Nudie, Cupid, Hunny Bunny, Voltage Violet

All products shown were purchased by me with my own money.
 Hope this review was helpful to you guys.
I have been creating many FOTD where I wear these lipclicks.
Don't forget to comment I do love to know what you guys think.
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  1. Great post,I have been wanting to try these but thought it was a bit pricy for mark especially since their products are a hit or miss for me,I used to love their dew drenched lipsticks, I want to try these now.

  2. I like the sweetie pie:) I want to place a mark order soon!