Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Avon Marbleized Bronzer

Swirls of sun-kissed shades blend together for a year-round bronze-lit glow.
Doubles as a blush. .14 oz. net wt.

Sweep your brush across all shades, then dust on where
the sun would kiss your face
(cheekbones, bridge of nose, and chin).
Price $11.00

I got both of these and I am not too happy with one of them.
The Color Bronze Highlight just does not show you really have to sweep your brush
many times to get some kind of color. Very little with this tone,
I honestly don't recommend to purchase this color.
Unless mine was just one from a bad batch, but Im not too happy with it.
The color Bronzed Peach is better this one I do have to sweep
my brush a couple of times, but this one can be buildable for
some reason I haven't been able to put it down.
I have been using the Bronzed Peach alot to contour and I started to really like it.
 I don't like to just throw or put makeup in the junk drawer unless I give it a couple of tries.
I guess I will give Bronze Highlight a couple of more tries.
And maybe give it another review if it gets better.
The size I thought it was like a Mac MSF
but is more like the size of a Mac Blush.
It's not shimmery which is a good thing for me and an extra point there ;)
Overall Bronze Highlight just didnt work for me but Bronzed Peach I really like.
I don't like to do Bad Reviews unless the product is just not worth getting.
And honestly I would of passed on Bronze Highlight if I would of read some reviews.
LEt me know what you guys think.
Hope this review was Helpful and keep comming back to visit.

As Always


  1. I almost got this now im glad i passed lol thnx 4 the review

  2. those look amazing, i might need to try those out soon! (: <3


  3. I am so glad i saw this review before ordering it