Friday, July 1, 2011

I received four other Awards Yay!!

First I want to Thank the Lovely
Kuwaii Barbie
For Giving me these Awards
Follow her cool blog

The Rules
1-Thank the person who gave you the Award and link back to them
2-Post 7 things about yourself
3-Pass the love to 15 other Bloggers
4-Let them know they received these awards.

7 Things about myself
2- I disklike RUDNESS very much
3- Shoes is another addiction of mine
4- When I am mad I like to be alone
5- I hate to see people cry, I'm very emotional
6- I like perfection on everything I do
7- I'm a good listener

Passing the Love

 Betzy's Makeup

Blanca 1018

Pretty Wonderful


Lil' Miss Giggles

There are so many more blogs I love to look at.
These are the ones I have been going into alot lately.
Thanks Again for the Awards to the Lovely
Kuwaii Barbie