Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Avon Foot Works Corn and Callus Softening Balm

The solution for softening tough skin is back by popular demand! Get smoother, softer, nourished skin.
Our unique formula targets rough calluses to help heal dryness, improving the overall look and feel of feet. Contains salicylic acid, sunflower seed oil & shea butter to moisturize and condition rough, stubborn skin. Penetrates tough corns and calluses. .35 oz. net wt.
$5.00 but gets to be on sale often.

I love to wear sandals open toe shoes are my favorites.
Usually starting in Spring since I start wearing my sandals, my heels just dry out very bad.
Im sure many of you have experienced that as well.
I am a huge fan of Avon Footworks
I use their scrubs, lotions you name it.
When I tried this balm OMG I couldn't believe how fast it nourished my heels.
I have to carry one of this on my purse all the time except when its hot because it does melt. I also keep one in every room in my house. Don't know why but I do.
 I apply it when Im watching tv or just relaxing and
  every night on my heels and rought spots on my feet.
It really Works and I Highly recommend it to everyone.

If you guys are interested in how I take care of my feet , follow the link below.

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