Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ruthless Cosmetics i13 15 Shade Palette

About a month ago I purchased this palette above from Ruthless Cosmetics.
Today is April 6, 2011 and haven't received it or a response to the many voice messages and e-mails sent to them. 
I really wanted this palette :( 
It's just sad that I haven't been given a response on my order. 
So I had to request for a refund on my item, again I really wanted this..
Hopefully they respond to me soon otherwise I will feel as if I got ripped off.
This is sad because they have such cool items on their website and I was really looking forward into purchasing other items from them.
After this experience I highly doubt it.
I am a fair person and would definetly understand if there is any issues goign on or anything,, but when you don't get a response in any way then that's scary.
I just needed to let this out..I really hope nobody goes thru this kind of experiences.
 It's just not cool...


  1. I heard such mixed reviews when it comes to their shipping that i wouldnt want to risk getting ripped off. If you don't get a response from them in a week contact your credit card and tell them how you never receive anything, they should be able to refund your money

  2. Thanks! I will. It's sad though! :)

  3. hey im in th same boat as you have u got ur money back

  4. To Anonymous- I purchased thru paypal so I contacted them and they helped me right away.
    They got me my refund. Im happy for that.
    I even tried building my own palette out of Inglot Cosmetics. It might turn out even better!!