Monday, April 11, 2011

My First Set of Crown Brushes

 I always get my Makeup Wants after watching all the You Tube vids.
So I learned about the Crown Brushes after watching Enkore's Brush Set tutorial, which I have already ordered it and should start shipping April 7, 2011 I had to preorder before it launched. I'm thinking these may be good brushes??

On with my review.

I purchased the following brushes to check out Crown Brushes quality

BK28-Jumbo Badger Kabuki Fan $11.55
This is a large fan brush that I like to use for contouring.
Dense enough to do the job.
Shedding is minimal, but does shed.

C412-Deluxe Pointed Crease $4.95  Comparable to Mac 224 $28.00
This brush is actually very soft. Blends well.
I do not own the Mac 224 but I do own Sigma's SS224
The bristles on Sigma's SS224 are shorter.
It also does a great job.
I had no problem so far with shedding on this one.

 C411-Pointed Blender $4.85 Comparable to Mac 226 (LE)
This is also very soft and dense. Perfect to define the crease and outer V.
Again this one I do not own in Mac.
I actually didn't own anything like this brush so I am very happy with it.
No problem with shedding either.

C433-Pro Blending Fluff $4.85 Comparable to Mac 217 $22.50
Now this is one of my favorite brushes.
This brush is a little bigger than my Mac 217
a little bit wider, denser and a tad flatter.
My Mac 217 is just a little bit softer.
Still works wonderful.
No Shedding

C431-Precision Pencil $5.49 Comparable to Mac 219 $24.50
I own the Sigma SS219 and a Mac 219 from a Holiday set.
The sigma SS219 is smaller but softer I actually like the Sigma better.
This one is more dense but a bit stiff this very similar to my Mac 219 from the holiday set.
Still works well in my crease, for Outer v for for lowerlash I prefer my Sigma SS219

Overall I was very happy with my purchase.
I will buy from crown again soon.
The prices are very good.
I really hope the Enkore set is a good set too as I've already read a few bad reviews about it.
Can't wait to get mine.
Well Lovelies I hope you  guys like this review.
I'd love to hear what you guys think.
So don't forget to Comment below.


  1. Great review I hadn't heard of these before and great prices! xo

  2. i am so jeleous, i'm dying to get my hands on some of these, they look fab!