Monday, April 25, 2011

e.l.f. BEAUTY BOOK Smokey Eye Edition

I found 4 different e.l.f. palettes on Clearance for $3.48 at my local Target.
 I stocked up, got a few for my nieces and for myself.
I will be reviewing each one this week.
So on to the first review
Packaging-The packaging reminds of Too Faced and Urban Decay's a bit bulky,
but it's no big deal. It looks like a book. it also comes with a small black eyeliner and a sponge applicator.
It also gives you tips on how to create Smokey-Dramatic Looks.
The product is fragile so if not taken care of they can brake easily.
 I really liked this palette though.
Color and Pigmentation-Every color on this palette has great pigmentation.
There are shimmery,shine and matte es. I love every single color on this one.
Texture-Very soft and silky and easy to work with.
Lasting Power-I used the blue's today with a base and they lasted all day.
Price-For $3.48 that I got these for what else can I ask for.
You get 12 eyeshadows in great shades.
Blues, Plums and Silvers

My Opinion
I think this is a great deal for 12 good sized es in great shades.
These are great as gifts.
I will definetly go back and get more since I do think it is a good product and
why not share it with all my girls.
I really recommend this to you guys.


I hope you guys enjoyed this review!


  1. This is like the first positive i see on elf books:) But i agree the pigmentation looks great

  2. Wow, I'm pretty surprised! The pigmentation looks really great, and the colors are nice!
    Great post!

  3. I got the neutrals one, I think bc I lost it somewhere in my house lol. Joe's sister has one of those but since her make up always looks tore up, idk if theyre good quality or not lol

  4. i have one also, i love their shadows actually