Friday, April 22, 2011

At Home Pedicure by Laura

Doing this has really helped me in Saving some cash.
Everytime I went to have a pedicure done I spent at least $40 no less
every 2 weeks. So for me this is money I can use on something else.
So I hope this is helpful to you guys.

First I start by cutting and filing my toe nails.
Cut and file in oval motion towards the corners slightly.
Overdoing it can cause ingrown nails and that can be very painful.
Noticeable ridges or bumps require some buffing.
Buff no more than 5 times as you can damage or thin out your nail.

I have a pedicure tub at home, mine gives a massage while soaking so this is cool.
After you've soaked for some minutes

Apply cuticle softener or I use Avon's Instant Cuticle remover.
Remove your cuticles with the right tools and in a safely matter.
Cutting too much or too far can cause for you to hurt yourself.

Apply your scrub on foot scrubber and scrub concentrating on the rought dry spots.
Now Rinse

I apply this Paraffin Moisture Teatment Mask on my feet and wrap with a warm towel.
I leave the warm towels on for a few minutes then rinse with warm water.
Dry your Feet.

I usually do this in the evening when its almost time to go to sleep.
So this lotion is great to leave on over night and wake up to soft feet.

I also use this Therapeutinc Craked heel Relief Cream when my heels are very dry.
This cream is so great it helps heal fast.

Once you are done with the Home Pedicure let's use some color
Again I use Avon Products

I apply this Nail Experts Smooth Beginnings Base
let it dry and follow with,

This Nailwear Pro Nail Enamel is really good.
It lasts the 2 weeks I need to redo my pedicure.
It doesn't loose its shine or chip, wich is a plus for me.

I end my color process by Top Coating it with UV Gloss Guard
This helps the colors stay and keeps it glossy.
So this is it for the color.

At this point I'm finished but I always add some Corn &Callus Softening Balm before I go to bed.
This stuff is just great.
Definetly keep one of these on your foot care kit.
I will make a post on this.

I know it may seem like quite a process, but in my case,
 I really enjoy doing anything that has to do with color and beauty.
So I don't mind it.
I hope this was helpful.
 If you would like me to review any of the products I use by Avon Foot Works.
Let me know I'd be more than happy to do it.
Thanks for taking the time and reading my posts.

I just wanted to let you all know that I am not sponsored by Avon.
All Avon Products I review are purchased with my own money.
I really like Avon products and like the fact that they are not too expensive.
Like always I love to share what I find to be a good product,what helps me or simply products that I like.

Thanks for Stopping by!!


  1. Are you sponsored by avon?

  2. No Im not sponsored by Avon. I just really like their products alot.
    I can;t become a sales rep either because I like their products so much Im afraid I may go broke.. lol!

  3. lol mi vecina vende avon but ya ni los libros le pido por que siempre me gasto mucho =/

  4. I know- I've always been an Avon Junkie and lately I see that they have improved alot on their products..

  5. Avon's pedicure set is amazing i just dislike their polishes

  6. great post! I've tried some Foot Works products in the past and really liked them. I'm ordering some Avon stuff soon, and you just gave me a few more ideas, thanks!

  7. just got the corn and callus balm, took my bath, applied some to callus & rough skin areas of feet then put on my thirsty socks will be back to let you know what i think in a few weeks