Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Physicians Formula Happy Booster Highlighter and Bronzer

Product Description
Ultra Smooth, perfecting powder in a complementary palette
of color blends together to even out skin tone with a flawless radiance.
Vibrant Pink Heart gives cheecks a helthy pop of color.
Infused with Happy Boost Blend, featuring HappySkin and Euphoryl, natural plant extracts which have been shown to promote a feeling on happiness by mimicking the effect of Endorphins and helping protect the skin from environmental stress.
The sweet scent of Violet provides a feeling of joy each time you apply.
Price $13.99


My Opinion
Pigmentation is descent. I have been using it as a highlight and it actually looks pretty.
The only downfall is that the product seemed to get that dried wet look after the first use and my brush was not wet. I seemed to be able to work with it though.
Another bad thing was that the pan on mine kept moving when I was using my brush and it bugged me.
Other than that as a highlight it as very pretty, the scent is also very nice.
 I want to buy the one in the color beige, maybe it can dupe my all time favorite but unfortunately discontinued Multi Reflective Powder in Translucent Pearl.
I can't seem to find it anywhere. =(


My Opinion
Pigmentation is good I have been using this powder
 to contour and it works great it doesn't look muddy.
Its not shimmery where its too much so this is a plus.
This color is a great dupe for My Mac MSF in Comfort
which is my favorite product to contour.
Packaging is ok, I wish it wouldn't be as bulky though.
Price is kind a high for being a drugstore product but
I got a good deal since it did have a $3.00 coupon and
I had accumulated extra bucks with CVS  
Scent is not as much as I expected to be,
I mean you can smell it on the pakage, but not when you have it on.
Other than this pigmentation is good and I like this product alot.

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  1. aww that is too cute im an heart addict LOL it sounds like a good actual product too xx

  2. I saw this at CVS the other day, but something about the packaging did not convince me so i had to pass on it. Yah i've own PF blushes before and the break easily along with it coming off


  3. the bronzer looks like a good one! however, physician's formula is too pricey for a drugstore product to me! i don't think i could spend $14 on a bronzer from cvs or rite aid. i need to find some coupons or extra bucks, lol.

  4. To vikki-gabrielle: The bronzer is actually good.

    to bettzy93: girl I would of passed on it b-cuz Ive never liked their packaging but I had all this coupons for this brand so I spent like $10 for both lol!

    To Kaitlyn- Definetly look for the extra bucks and coupons they help alot. I actually think PF products are pricey too.

    Thanks Girls for the comments!
    xoxo Laura

  5. Will have to try the bronzer since im running out of my current one.
    follow me

  6. i love them ! lol i have the blush i did a video on it on one of my hauls! and my blush is GORG! and its scented!