Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I've recently been watching many You Tube Videos where they use BCS Cosmetics and I have been very tempted in purchasing a few items.
So I did!!
I just received my 3 Paintwheels for BCS Cosmetics
Hope you enjoy the review.

I purchased the following Paintwheels

Bi***, Deadliest Bi***, Innocent bi***

Soft Lavender-Pink w/specs
Black w/Gold Specs
Magenta w/Silver Specs
Blue-Violet w/silver specs

This wheel is not as pigmented as I expected and it only shows when used with a base.
I does show up nicely with the base though.

Deadliest Bi***
Eggplant Purple-Matte
Teal Blue-Matte
Aqua Blue-Matte
Red w/Gold Specs

I have to say say this is the most pigmented from all.
The colors are very vibrant and very nice.

Innocent Bi***
Pink-Lavender W/Specs
Brown-Burgundy W/Specs
White w/Silver Specs
Peach w/Gold Specs

Same thing as the first wheel.
With a base it shows up very nicely.


  1. They are so gorgeous:) I've been eyeing them for a while

  2. They are actually very nice. I've already created a look with one of the wheel. I will post it later today.