Monday, February 7, 2011


I finally received the call from my Local Sephora since I was on the waiting list for the UD Naked Palette.
How Cool is that!!
I picked it up and tadaah!

My Review
This palette comes in a velvet chocolate brown palette.
It contains 12 eyeshadows in awesome natural colors.
It also contains 2 a double ended eyeliner in Zero and Whiskey
A sample size of the famous Primer Potion in the Original formula.
Price $48.00

The eyeshadow colors are as follows:

Virgin-Pale shimmered nude-beige
Sin-Frosted Champagne-Pink
Naked-Medium matte beige
Sidecar-Medium Shimmered Bronze
Buck-Matte Medium Brown w/red undertones
Half Baked-Coppery, Bronze-Gold shade
Smog-Medium Bronze w/frost fisnish
Dark Horse-Dark Chocolate shimmered brown
Toasted-Shimmery medium-pink light brown
Hustle-Dark Plum brown w/shimmer
Creep-Dark black charcoal shimmer w/glitter
Gunmetal-Blue-grey metallic w/glitter shimmer

I liked this palette and there is so many looks you can create with this one.
I will start posting them soon.
Since many of you have probably seen a ton of reviews on this palette I didn't want to make this post too long but I still wanted for you all to know what I thought about it.

As always Thanks for Stopping By!


  1. which palette do you prefer this one or the too faced?

  2. i have this and i love it! a lot of people are saying it's not worth the hype, but it is to me. i don't have a lot of "good quality" (aka non-drugstore) nudes, so this is great! i also have the too faced natural and naked palettes. love the natural one, hate the naked one.

  3. To bettzy93-I have to say to me they are both unique. I will make a post just for you to see what diffence I find on these two.

    To Kaitlyn-do you have a review on the TF Natural Palette?

  4. hey girly! i want this palette so bad but at this moment there is no joby! so i cant go out an waste! boo! :( anywho you used to follow me old blog! "a barbie gone bad" but i had to delete it the link was broken! so i started a new blog! hope you can come and visit!

    take care!


  5. miss laura~i left you a blog award on my blog...check it out and share the love!

  6. To LaBarbie0426-Girl I actually found you today and I followed I love your blog! Keep your good stuff comming okay! XOXOXO Laura

    To Katie-Thanks so much for the Award!! How thoughtful of you! I will definetly share ASAP!!