Monday, January 10, 2011


This weekend I went shopping and picked up a few things.

Mac Lavender Fix+-I have to say the scent is a bit to strong for me and it may go back to mac.
Pro Long Wear Foundation and Concealer Sample-I been tempted in buying these products but are trying them out first. I will test them out this week and post a full review by the end of the week.

Mac Mocha Blush-Soft Plum Pink (Matte)
I have been wanting to add this blush on my collection for a long time already, so finally here it is and I really like it alot.

Mocha Swatch

I also stopped at Forever 21 and hit the $1.50 wall

So that was my weekend haul =)

Thanks for Stopping by!
Luv Laura


  1. I wanted to go get that new lavendar fix + since i use it religiously. But after reading ur post i think im gonna have to past. Especially if its strong. I have a sensitive nose. Can't wait to see ur review on Pro Long Wear Foundation.

  2. Love your loots and based on the swatch you did, that mocha blush looks pretty:-)

  3. I was tempted to get the Lavender Fix+, but I think I'll pass after reading this, Fix+ is Fix+ anyway right? Lol. I think there's just something about "Limited Edition" items that make me feel like I NEED to get them.

    I've been hearing mixed reviews about the Pro Long Wear line, but I really want to try it.

    Mocha looks gorgeous! I can't wait to see it in a FOTD.

    I LOVE the $1.50 items at Forever 21! They have a lot of cute things and if anything happens to them I wouldn't feel too bad about it because they were so cheap.


  4. To *MissK* I will definetly post a review on Pro Long Wear this week so come back and check ok =)
    To MINAKICHU-Mocha is a very pretty color I will post a FOTD using it for you to see =)
    To Ariana-I have to strongly agree with you about Mac's Limited edition items. I tend to always want to buy something just because its limited, but let me tell you that I have learned to check my collection before I go and buy something to see if maybe I have something similar to whats being launched as limited, and let me just say that I have passed on many collections because I actually do find something very similar. I am a sucker for cute packaging though =)
    Look out for my Prolong Wear Review this week maybe it will help you decide on it.
    As for Mocha I will post a FOTD so you can see how it looks ;) Hey thanks for commenting, keep stopping by ok.. XOXOXO =)

  5. Oh i love the earrings specially the price.