Saturday, January 8, 2011

Too Faced Naked Eye Palette

I know I had blogged about what palette I should get between the Kat Von D Betthoven palette and this Too Faced Naked Eye palette.
Well unfortunately when I went to Sephora the Beethoven Palette was sold out due to a sale they had were they were selling the palettes for $18.00 =(
I did not want to leave empty handed so I picked this one up.
I did get on their waiting list though, so that I can know when they have The Kat Von D in stock. =)

 Product Description
This Naked Eye kit contains sheer matte shadows, soft shimmers that offer the perfect balance and variety for every skintone. This palette of naturally nude shadows will have you looking super neutral yet drop dead gorgeous for any ocassion.
This kit also contains 3 cards that help you create 3 looks
but you can definetly create much more looks than that.

Shades and Color Descriptions
In The Buff-Matte Ivory
Pillow Talk-Sheer Light Taupe
Like a Virgin-Matte Taupe
Birthday Suit-Sheer Shimmery Beige
Satin Sheets-Shimmery Golden Champagne
Unmentionables-Shimmery Steel Gray
Pink Cheeks-Sheer Pale Pink
Lap Dance-Silvery Taupe
Stiletto-Matte Black



My Opinion
I am a fan of the Satin Taupe color. This pallette has gorgeous nude, taupe colors. Although some may be a tad bit shimmery, you can always tone the shimmer down with a matte crease color or with the included shade in Like a Virgin (matte taupe). I have also been using Mac's Cork and kid alot with this palette.

 Pros-Color pigmentation I really liked they are nicely pigmented and with a base they look much better.
Lasting Power-I use it with UDPP in Eden and they last all day until I wash my face.
Favorite Colors
In the Buff I use this one as a highlight and I absolutely LOOVE this color is gorgeus, specially since I am much into matte shades at the moment.
Unmentionables-This shade is the reason why I bought this palette in the first place.
 It is a steel gray color that I have been wanting for a while but never found it.
Lap Dance-This color reminded me of Mac's Satin Taupe but a bit lighter.
Mec'a Satin Taupe seems to have just a bit more red in it.
Like a Virgin-I like this color to contour on my crease.

Cons-Packing is very bulky, but I still manage to carry it when Im on the go.
Very little product 6 of the eyeshadows are quite small.

I hope this review was helpful and hope that you all liked it.
Thanks for Stopping By!
LUV Laura


  1. I really wanted this palette or the ud naked one for my upcoming birthday. I always settle for this one but thankfully the UD is in stock again or was couple of days ago and i got it:). Also yes the eyeshadows might be of small size but how often are you really going to use it? It was a helpful review thankyou

  2. I heard a lot of negative reviews about this one though. Aside from the small amount of eyeshadow, the palette breaks easily. :s

    Get the NAKED palette! <3 I wanna see what you'll do with it. :P

  3. i have this palette. i bought it when i still was waiting for a UD naked palette to become available. i can't say i really love too faced's version, but it's okay. the colors are almost too toned down for me. luckily, i finally got the UD naked palette this weekend and i'm liking it a lot better!

  4. Thats one of my biggest complaints about too faced. They arent cheap at all, and you really dont get a lot of product. Its mostly packaging...

  5. I have added myself on that waiting list at Sephora for the UD Naked Palette =) Can't wait to get my hands on it. Will make a post right away when I get it.
    As always Thanks for stoping by. =)