Friday, January 14, 2011


Hello Everyone!!
Just wanted to let you guys know that I have not posted any FOTD's due to an insect bite I have on my cheek =(  This thing just keeps getting bigger and painful so I'm staying makeup free these days to see if it helps heal faster. So please bare with me and I will soon start posting my looks again..

You Lovely Ladies have a Great Weekend
As Always Thanks for Stopping By!
LUV Laura


  1. Oh my gosh! You should have that checked, Laura! Make sure that it is an insect bite and not something else!

    Get better!

  2. omg lol that soo sucks! ponte towels with manzanilla..that usually helps the swelling go down. one time a mosquito bit my eyelid near my brow and se me hincho todo el ojo and it turned black and closed completely lol. my mom me puso gotas de manzanilla adentro del ojo and me puso toallas calientas con manzanilla and it went down.

  3. If it doesn't go away this weekend I will definetly have it checked on Monday..And I will also try the Chamomille and see if that helps..
    Thanks Girls!
    To LovelyKorita-Happy Comming Birthday how old now? I hope you have lots of fun!! So what are the plans?

  4. aww i hope you feel better from the insect bite and that it goes away! thankyou for following me :D much love.