Friday, December 10, 2010

My 30th. Birthday

So I turned 30 on November 22, 2010
Yes 30!! :)
Sorry for this late post!!
Anyhow my husband, friends and family Celebrated by having me a Birthday Party!!
We all had a great time.
So here are some of the pictures taken by my aunt through out the night.
Since I LOVE Animal Print, That was the theme
Me, My Girls and my cake (made by my niece)

My Girls

My Hubby

My Aunt's Decorations

I got a bit Teary
Listening to a Speech my husband was giving

My BFF Roxy
I know this was at the end I look Soo Tired

Best part of the night was that I was able to Celebrate
 my 1st. Birthday with my Mom


  1. Awww thanks for sharing. Happy B-lated Birthday!

  2. Happy Belated birthday! and let me just say that you Don't look a day over 21!!!!
    im loving that cake!

  3. I didn't get an invite this time =[ You and ROxx look awesome!!!

  4. Happy 30th, darling! :) I've been wondering why I couldn't find your blog. You changed your blog name. Now I know where to look!

    I'm glad you had a splendid one. <3

  5. Thank You All Very Much!!
    To Toni-Do you think my previous name blog was better? FOR THE LOVE OF MAKE-UP?