Monday, November 29, 2010


This is my current HG Mascara.
It gives me volume, color, curl and lenght all in one. It is just awesome.
The Brush is a spoon shaped like brush, you can use it in different ways to get different effects.
This give me that dramatic look I love to add to my looks.

This is also a great mascara for volume, lengh and pigmentation.
I have put this aside since the Falsies came out but will definetly keep using it.

This is the same effect as the Falsies except that the brush is different. It is a large thick brush, I do believe that the shape of the brush helps the effect your mascara gives you.

So far these are my 3 favorite mascaras. I have to say my all time favorite has always been the Maybelline brand. I honestly have never been tempted to buy an expensive brand.
 I'm happy with these.

Well let me know what you guys think, or what else is out there that I haven't tried that can be good as well.
Looking forward on your comments.
Thanks for Stopping by!
LUV Laura


  1. I have used both of your maybeline mascaras and i have to say that i love them, indeed i love most of the maybeline mascaras i have tried. As for the loreal i don't know if you know but they test on animals.

  2. To bettzy93-Thanks for the info about animal testing. Good thing I have put it aside and The Falsies took over.

  3. i totally agree with you! maybelline has the best mascaras and i have never felt like i needed to buy expensive ones

  4. i LOVE l'oreal carbon black!! it's my current HG! ;) great blog btw.

  5. My fav mascaras are Bad Gal Lash and Korres. Both have great plum colored ones that I use sometimes too.