Sunday, November 7, 2010

Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad

 My friend ordered a  True Color Quad in Purple Haze and the colors were super pigmented and very nice, so I ordered 2 of the Color Quads
Mocha Latte
Romantic Mauves

This quad is actually my favorite between the 2 I purchased.
Color pigmentation is Good better with a base though.
Lasting Power well I used it and it stayed on all day but again I used and ES base
I was able to call them a dupe for some of the Mac eyeshadowas I own.
 Top row
1st. color is similar to Mac's Shroom
2nd. color is similar to Mac's Cork
Bottom row
3rd. color is in between  Mac's Woodwinked and Satin Taupe
4th. color is similar to Mac's Charcoal

I have to say only the 1st. top color has good pigmentation.
The rest of the colors are not very good.
You can still achieve a good eyeshadow look if you wear a base and work with it for a while to build color.
Great for a soft look you may want to wear on a casual day.

I only found 2 of these colors that can dupe Mac's Eyeshadows
Bottom Row
1st. color is similar to Mac's Shale
2nd. color is similar to Mac's Trax
 The color is very alike and it has the gold glitter specs on it like Trax

This is Purple Haze
It kind of reminds me of Mac's Togetherness Trio from In the Groove Collection
Pigmentation is just Gorgeous

I have order the Denim Blue and Earthones Quad
I will make a review once I receive them.

Hope you all enjoyed this review.
more Avon reviews on the way.

Luv Laura


  1. I like the colors of the first palette you displayed. :)

  2. Gotta agree with Toni i really like the first one too!!

  3. Those are great! I think I have to get the purple one! ;)

  4. Thanks for the review. looks lovely :) Following you now. :)

    Hope you drop by and visit my blog too


  5. Hello Lovely!

    I'm hosting my first GIVEAWAY! If you're interested, feel free to check out my blog for more details. Good luck! :)



  6. i love the first palette. the colors look soo pigmented!

  7. Hi Everyone!! For those of you who loked the first Palette which is The Mocha Latte. It is very pigmented and my favorite I honestly reccomend it to everyone.
    Purple Haze is also very pigmented and gorgeous colors too!!
    Let me know if any of you actually got any of these and what you think about them.

  8. i got the purple one. most of my make up is from avon or m.a.r.k .
    love youre post.