Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Product Description
Helps to revitalize, hydrate and pamper your lips.
Blue Tube is the Lip Polish-Gently exfoliates removes dead skin instantly revealing softly smooth lips.
Pink Tube is the Lip Conditioner-Creamy lip conditioner that delivers hydration with the benefit of antioxidants and Vitamins A & E
Price $20.00

At this time of the year my skin starts misbehaving so bad.
 My skin gets extremely dry.
I have been purchasing products from the line of Artistry and until now I have been satisfied with the results of most of the products I have purchased.
On to the review
Lip Polish-Lately I wasn't able to wear lipstick or lipgloss because my dead skin from my lips just showed and nothing seemed to make it better.
using this polish removed the dead skin and left my lips soft and smooth.
Lip conditioner-This is a creamy formula that hydrates my lips instantly I carry this with me everywhere now.
its not sticky, does not  have a bad smell and it really works.
This product is a bit pricey but I really don't regreat buying it as it helped my dried lips.

I hope this helps and if any of you is familiar with this product line give it a try.
I know they have a website and now there are representatives out there like with avon.  

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LUV Laura!!

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