Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just the Way You are by Bruno Mars

I added the song Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars on my page for a very Special Reason.
As we were driving home the other day this song played on the radio and my 9 year old daughter Alexa said to me;
Mom I dedicate this song to you with all my heart.
My daughter loves music and she's singing and dancing all the time.
So as I started listening to the song I realized it is a very touching song and it got to me so much that I started crying; of course of happiness because this is when as a mother I realized that our kids see us like the most Precious thing in the world, you are everything to them.
So I just had to share this Special Moment with everyone and remind us of how special our kids are.
For those who have kids already, and for those who don't when your day comes it will be the best gift ever.

Being a Mom is the greatest gift Ever!!

I have 2 Beautiful Daughters and I Thank GOD Every single day for them.



  1. What a beautiful post.:D

    You have two lovely daughters!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Aww! This was so sweet! Oh and I fixed the link! Sooo sorry about that!

  3. To Krystal Leigh
    Thank You So Much!

  4. Very sweet pictures!

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  6. Thanks For Following.
    You & Your Kids Are Adorable!

  7. this is such a beautiful post. i love it! and i agree, your children are adorable!