Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Avon Healthy Makeup Lipstick

Product Description
A lipstick with Vitamin A, E & B Complex to diminish dryness & restore glow.
Triple Vitamin & Antioxidant complex enriched with promegranate and olive leaf.
For Hydration to keep lips moistourized
SPF 15
Price $9.00 but Avon has sales all the time.
I got these on sale for $4.99

Moisture This lipstick does keep my lips moistourized and not sticky.
Color Pigmentation is actualy very good, and does go on evenly.
Staying Power Stays put quite a while, although I am used to lipstick not staying long on me.
Texture is Smooth, creamy reminds me of Mac Cremesheen lipsticks which are my favorites.

Lip Conditioner
Made w/colagen to moistourize & soften lips ia also a great lip base.
various colors but I chose the clear one.

My Lipsticks
Luminous Peach
Cocoa Gleam
Luminous Peach, Cocoa Gleam and Clear Conditioner

Luminous Peach and Cocoa Gleam
Luminous Peach has that frost shimmery finish
Cocoa Gleam has the cremesheen finish that is my favorite.

I know this is a bad picture but this is
Cocoa Gleam and Mac's Blankety
It is a perfect dupe for blankety

Well I hope this review was helpful!
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Luv Laura


  1. Amazing! I just got Blankety, and before you even mentioned it being a dupe I thought dupe! to myself lol.

  2. I definitely like the colors, Laura!

  3. Yeah, it has been really useful indeed! Thanks so much for reviewing and swatching this!
    New follower here,

  4. hey! thanks for following :] love the cocoa gleam lippie, great bog! xxx