Monday, October 4, 2010

Chivas USA Soccer Players

My Hubbbie is a huge Soccer Fan
Here is my beautiful Family with 2 of Chivas USA Soccer Players.
They were such nice guys and great with their fans.

Here is my oldest daughter Alexa with her fairy look I made for her.
I got this look from You Tube on MissChievous Channel.
My daughter was soo happy.

Alexa being Silly

Allison my youngest daughter getting too close to the camera


  1. AWW! Alexa looks adorable with the eye makeup! Has she began grabbing your make up brushes? lol.

  2. Not only my brushes.. lol! Everything specially Lipglosses, but when my youngest daughter tries to get my makeup, Alexa says "These are Mommy's toys, You can't use these" lol!