Thursday, September 30, 2010

mark Primed for Perfection Face Primer

mark Primed for Perfection Face Primer $10.00
Product Description: Smooth ultraweight fast absorbing lotion.
Provides the perfect canvas for your make-up helping it last all day.
Formulated with optical difusers and oil-controlling ingredients to help conceal imperfections and fine lines
0.4 fl. oz

My Opinion:
This stuff did make me look flawless.
It did help my make up stay longer.
Texture is a light creamy gel like liquid primer.
I did like it I've been wearing it all week and haven't noticed any problem with it as far as breakouts.


  1. Very cool. I've been very interested in mark. products as of late. Do you like their stuff as a whole?

  2. PrincessBritt-I really do like their blushes. The I-mark Eyeshadows have improved a lot. I like the matte ones. I just got the lipclick-lipsticks I love these too. I will post a review soon.
    I'm actually a huge fan of avon and mark. I think their products are very good you just need to search and find what you like.

  3. Great review! I might try did..I always see it on the Mark catalog but always pass it by.

  4. Thanx Laura
    I'm going to give some more of their stuff a shot. So far I've only had glosses by mark & Avon.

  5. Thank you so much for this review. I have been looking for a good inexpensive primer.

  6. I love your background!

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