Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I have to admit that Mark has improved the quality of their eyeshadows. When they first came out they had very poor pigmentation and they seemed to dry quickly making the eyeshadow useless.
Each eyeshadow is $5.00 and the size is actually pretty good, kind a big actually.
Mark recently came out with their matte collection of eyeshadows. Most of their eyeshadows where shimmery and some had that lustre finish.  
Let me say I'm totally in luv witht the matte collection.
Below you can see all eyeshadows I own and swatches.

Whisper, Latte, Wink Wink, Hollywood, Espresso
I use these colors to blend any harsh lines on my crease
Whisper as a highlight you can see I hit pan already.
These have very silky, creamy and soft texture, but are powder shadows.
I just LOVE these.

Minx, Giogia, Tiki, Magic & Vintage Khaki

Apple, Piccadily, Pool, Ocean Drive & Night Owl
All colors above are very good in color pigmentation and texture.

Biscotti, Crush, Nomadic & Fairy Dust

Victorian Lace, Glitterati, Java, Corset & Retro Peacock

Victorian Lace & Glitterati seemed to be very similar here in the picture but they are actually very different.
Victorian Lace is a silver with a lavender sheen and the texture is smooth and pigmentation is very good.
Glitterati is a silver color with glitter and has a lustre finish (not a fan of lustre eyeshadows)
Java, Corset and Retro Peacock are very nice and pigmentation is great.

I'd have to say I really love each of the blushes I own. The price on the Blushes are $7.00 the size is a good one too, texture is great color is great I just really like all of these, with one tiny exception Golden Glo, it has that lustre, glittery texture and when I put it on it looks like I just have glitter all over my face. So I'd pass on that one Kitten Glo is another one that just shows up as glitter with a very light pink/white color. I didn't show a picture of it because it just wouldn't show on camera.
So hope you like these!

Star Glo       Cameo Glo
    Chica        Sun Love Glo
Bronze Glo    Golden Glo

With no Flash
Star Glo, Cameo Glo, Chica, Sun Love Glo & Bronze Glo

With Flash
Golden Glo is the very first one that all you can see is GLITTER

Mark After Glo Blush
Mark After Glo reminds me of Mac's Springsheen

Mark's Blush in Sandy

These are Marks eyeshadows in
Latte and Apple
I also use these as blushes and they look very pretty.

I hope this loong review was helpful to all of you Beauties.
As always
Many Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Thanks so much for this I have been hunting for some Mark. blush swatches.

  2. great swatches ,, =) i like these colors

  3. Thanks for the great swatches.. wow, I am impressed with the pigmentation and the size.:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  4. difference between chica and sun love glo??

  5. To Anonymous..

    Chica has a shimmer finish while sun love glo is matte. I own sun love glo and I will be ordering chica, since chica seems to have a little more "depth" to me. Sun love glo seems sort of flat on my face. But I have brown skin so sun love glow may show up well on someone with fair or even light medium skin.

  6. Great post! I love mark makeup, I've been wanting to try bronze glow, looks pretty

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