Wednesday, August 25, 2010


You may have noticed that I've mentioned wearing Artistry Powder and Powder Foundation on most of my looks. Artisty is a product that I discovered thru my friend since she got into selling it. It is a product sold thru a catalog also known as Amway. So far I've tried most of the powders regular and mineral line. I 've also tried the Artistry Essentials skin care line. I've liked all items I've tried so far, from skincare to make-up. It is a bit pricey though, so sometimes it is hard to maintain.
I make sure I have the powders and powder foundation though.
Anyhow below I will review the powders and powder foundation.
Hope this review is helpful.

This I LOVE and use it to set my Mac Studio Fix Liquid Foundation.
Not only is it perfect but it also gives me that flawless complexion we all look for.
It is a mocro-fine  powder that evens out skin, controls oil & shine and it gives you a smooth matte finish. The amount of product is quite a lot and does last a while.
Ideal for all skin types.
I use this in Medium tone.
I know that to many of you, loose powder can be messy.
I used to think the same way, but if you have plenty time to apply your make-up by padding with a puff or sponge the application will be great.

LOVE LOVE this one too.
The texture of this powder is the same as my Mac's Studio Fix Powder foundation and my Shisheido Perfect Smoothing power foundation as well. You know that smooth silky feel? the same one and the coverage the same too, it has buildable coverage from light to full. It can be worn wet or dry ,I've only tried it dry though.
I like it because it does not cake like a lot of other powders do. I use this when I want a full coverage
With a powder brush to set liquid foundation. (For full coverage)
 With the sponge on top of moistourizer (For full coverage and not a lot of time.)
Gives an airbrush finish, evens out skin, prevents shine, minimizes the appearance of fine lines. Has SPF 18 to prevent skin sun damage. Has added defense of antioxidants of Vitamin E and Grape Seed extract, and a veil of protection to help prevent the signs of premature aging.
Ideal for all Skin types.
So far it has given me all it offers so Im loving it for now.

This translucent powder I use it on the go, to touch up when needed. Sometimes I've found myself using my other powders to touch up through out the day causing me to look cakey. This powder helps me a lot, it controls shine and makes my meake-up look as if I just reapplied it. I apply it as much as I want and I've never looked cakey with it. It also has that silky smooth finish  and controls shine.
So far I love this one too!
I apply this with a powder brush
Longwear, blendable, silky smooth finish, has advanced microspheres that work precisely to seek imperfections. corrects uneven skin . Helps diminish appearance of pores, blemishes and even fine lines.
Controls Shine and it is ideal for all skin types.

I use this powder when I don't wan't to wear too much make-up. I use it with Artistry cream concealer to cover any imperfections and then blend with a powder brush. This powder also gives a flawless look and a sheer glow.
Perfect for all skin types.
Self-adjusting 100% mineral make-up.
Flawless, natural, sheer coverage.
Defends against environmental stressors.
Preservative and fragance free.

I have been using these products for a while already.
This review is based on my own personal opinion.
 As always, what can work for some may not work for all.
Hope you found this helpful.
Thanks for Stopping By!
Luv Laura

If anyone has tried these products, let me know what you think. I'd like to know your opinion.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Foundation-Mac Studio Fix Fluid
Concealer-Mac Select Cover-Up
Powder-Artistry Loose Powder
Contour-Mac MSF in Comfort
Blush-Mac Peaches
Highlight-Mac MSF in Perfect Topping

Primer-ESTL Double Wear Eyeshadow Base
Base-Mac Painterly Paint Pot
Lid-Bruised Plum
Crease/Lower lash-Black Tulip
Above Crease-Minx Pink
Outer V-Jungle Moon
Highlight-Orb  (Permanent)
Eyeliner-Loreal Lineur Intense Carbon Black
Waterline-Milani Liquif"Eye Metallic Eyeliner in Black
Mascara-Maybelline The Falsies

Revlon Colorburst in Soft Nude
Mac Lustreglass in Morning Glory

Friday, August 20, 2010


Maybelline Dream Smooth Foundation
Shisheido Perfect Smoothing Foundation Powder
Contour Mac Enough Said
Blush Mac Peachykeen
Highlight Mac Perfect Topping MSF

Primer-Estee Lauder Double Wear Shadow Base
Base-Mac Painterly Paint Pot
Lid-Mac Sand & Moon (LE)
Crease-Mac Sketch
Above Crease-Mac Well Spiced (LE)
Outer V-Mac Shadowy Lady
Highlight-Mac Gold Dusk Pigment
Lower Lash-Mac Pickle (LE) & Shadowy Lady
Eyeliner-Loreal Lineur Intense Carbon Black
Waterline-Avon Dual Ended Eyeliner in Black
Mascara-Maybelline The Falsies

Maybelline Pink Please Lipstick
Mac Perennial High Style Lipglass

Monday, August 16, 2010


Maybelline Deam Smooth Foundation
Shisheido Perfect Smoothing Foundation Powder
Contour Mac Comfort 
Blush Mac Instant Chic
Highlight Mac By Candlelight

Primer-Estee Lauder Double Wear Eyeshadow Base
Base-Mac Delt Paint Pot on lid only
Lid-Mac Shimmermoss ES
Crease-Mac Contrast
Above Crease-Mac Cork
Highlight-Mac Yogurt
Lowerlash-Mac Romping (LE)
Mascara-Maybelline The Falsies
Eyeliner-Loreal Lineour Intense
Waterline-Avon Dual Ended Eyeliner (Blue Side)

Lipstick- Mac Blankety
Lipgloss- Mac Cremesheen in Youve' Got It

Monday, August 9, 2010


Shisheido Perfect Smoothing Compact Foundation
Contour-Mark blush in Bronze Glo
Blush-Mac Mineralize Happy Together

Brows Mac Dark Devotion ES (LE)
Primer-Estee Lauder Double Wear Eyeshadow Base
Lid-Mac Paradisco (Hello Kitty Lucky Tom Palette)
Crease-Stylin' (Hello Kitty Lucky Tom Palette)
Above Crease-Well Spiced (Warm Eyes Holiday Palette 2008)
Highlight-Creme Royal (Hello Kitty Lucky Tom Palette)
Lower Lash-Avon Dual Ended Eyeliner in Turquoise
Water Line-Avon Dual Ended Eyeliner in Blue
Mascara-Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express in Very Black
Eyeliner-Loreal Lineur Intense Carbon Black Eyeliner

Lipstick-Revlon Colorburst in Soft Nude
Lipgloss-Revlon Super Lustrous in Coral Reef

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I have to admit that Mark has improved the quality of their eyeshadows. When they first came out they had very poor pigmentation and they seemed to dry quickly making the eyeshadow useless.
Each eyeshadow is $5.00 and the size is actually pretty good, kind a big actually.
Mark recently came out with their matte collection of eyeshadows. Most of their eyeshadows where shimmery and some had that lustre finish.  
Let me say I'm totally in luv witht the matte collection.
Below you can see all eyeshadows I own and swatches.

Whisper, Latte, Wink Wink, Hollywood, Espresso
I use these colors to blend any harsh lines on my crease
Whisper as a highlight you can see I hit pan already.
These have very silky, creamy and soft texture, but are powder shadows.
I just LOVE these.

Minx, Giogia, Tiki, Magic & Vintage Khaki

Apple, Piccadily, Pool, Ocean Drive & Night Owl
All colors above are very good in color pigmentation and texture.

Biscotti, Crush, Nomadic & Fairy Dust

Victorian Lace, Glitterati, Java, Corset & Retro Peacock

Victorian Lace & Glitterati seemed to be very similar here in the picture but they are actually very different.
Victorian Lace is a silver with a lavender sheen and the texture is smooth and pigmentation is very good.
Glitterati is a silver color with glitter and has a lustre finish (not a fan of lustre eyeshadows)
Java, Corset and Retro Peacock are very nice and pigmentation is great.

I'd have to say I really love each of the blushes I own. The price on the Blushes are $7.00 the size is a good one too, texture is great color is great I just really like all of these, with one tiny exception Golden Glo, it has that lustre, glittery texture and when I put it on it looks like I just have glitter all over my face. So I'd pass on that one Kitten Glo is another one that just shows up as glitter with a very light pink/white color. I didn't show a picture of it because it just wouldn't show on camera.
So hope you like these!

Star Glo       Cameo Glo
    Chica        Sun Love Glo
Bronze Glo    Golden Glo

With no Flash
Star Glo, Cameo Glo, Chica, Sun Love Glo & Bronze Glo

With Flash
Golden Glo is the very first one that all you can see is GLITTER

Mark After Glo Blush
Mark After Glo reminds me of Mac's Springsheen

Mark's Blush in Sandy

These are Marks eyeshadows in
Latte and Apple
I also use these as blushes and they look very pretty.

I hope this loong review was helpful to all of you Beauties.
As always
Many Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


So I went to Forever 21 and got 2 headbands for my girls and these pair of lashes.

Lake Moss Eyeshadow Trio
These are dark dramatic colors, the colors are Dk purple, blue & black they are also very pigmented easy to blend and they do last with an eyeshadow base. They also have some glitter as you can see on the swatches below.
Eyeshadow in Star
This is a silver-bluish w/ some lavender in it. It also has some glitter in it and it actually shows.
This is a really pretty color.

Blush in Peach
 A light pink-peach color I really love this color.
 I don't think I own a color like this one.
Blush in Mauve
This is a plumy-pink tone blush it is silky and blendable.
I really like the texture of it and the color pigmentation.
Peach and Mauve

I'm Sorry for my bad focusing, my camera was acting up and I was not able to take the pictures I wanted.

Monday, August 2, 2010


OMG!!! My very First Blog Award!
Thanking Krystal from Missy Sassy Pants at
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Her makeup techniques are great. Love your Blog Girl!
Thanks Again for the Award..

So Following her rules I have to pick 15 blogs that I've discovered.
Let me just say Thanks to all of you that take a bit of your time to share your ideas, opinions. makeup techniques and product reviews with everyone.
I honestly think that we all learn something new from eachother.
You're All Awesome!!

So my 15 are, in no particular order

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Thanks Again Missy Sassy Pants!!